Vintage Soda Pop Bottle with Spout: limited supplies!


These vintage soda pop bottles–which I’ve fitted spouts to–are so much fun and have so many uses! I keep two in constant service in my kitchen: one by my kitchen sink to class-up my dishwashing liquid, and one by the stove for olive oil. I have two different colors–the one I use for soap is clear, and the olive oil one is green–so I never mix them up. ­čśë

That could be dreadful.

These lovely old soda bottles are chunky-heavy and feel so good in your hand, and have cute vintage designs on them, to boot! They provide a bit of delight every time you reach for one. They make me happy, and with any luck, they’ll do the same thing for you, too! As a matter of fact, I started out using a wine bottle with a spout for my dishwashing liquid, but when I obtained a bunch of these pop bottles, I switched to them because they are lightweight and a much handier size (for my hands) than the wine bottles.

I’ve got to admit, blushingly, that I feel all clever-vintage-savvy-shabby-chic every single time I reach for one of these cute bottles. I love saving something this sweet from the landfill, too, don’t you?


I would guess that you could come up with your own use for such a winsome old bottle, eh? ­čÖé

The graphics on these old soda pop bottles couldn't be cuter!

The graphics on these old soda pop bottles couldn’t be cuter!

Every bottle is unique, and I have lots of different styles. Each bottle comes with a spout that has been individually fitted to the particular bottle, and is ready to fill.

Quantities are limited, of course! They don’t make bottles like these any longer. ├ëvidemment.

Care instructions: use a small bottle brush to scrub out the bottle and dry upside down, when necessary.