Woman with hat, holding rooster.

Me and Thor, the dominate roo of our flock, a ruggedly proud Icelandic.

This now page is inspired by Derek Sivers and his now page movement. (Great idea: thanks, Derek!)

What I’m Doing Now

The Farm

I’m running a small farm in Nebraska, growing unusual veg, herbs, and edible flowers and marketing them to chefs in the city nearby. I’m also putting in as many edible crops as I can, because I like not having to go to the grocery store. I grow a lot of flowers, too, because I am a slave to anything beautiful (see list* below). I keep bees and I love learning about new things.

I also raise chickens, ducks, a few geese, a couple of occasional pigs, and am trying to talk my husband into getting a few sheep (for fiber and amusement).

I walk every day, usually accompanied by one or both of our big goofy dogs.

When it’s dark and I can’t be outside

  •  I work on this blog.
  • I am writing a children’s chapter story about a pet chinchilla (Moxie) that gets loose in the house and then has grand adventures, inspired by Mack’s experiences with his own pet chinchilla (Moxie) that got loose in the house and undoubtedly had grand adventures, also. And then died. But that part won’t be in my story.
  • I pick a room or a closet or a corner of our big house to de-clutter and organize, for a few minutes at a time, every day. I’ll be doing this until I’m 120. It sparks joy.
  • I like to play piano duets with Malachi and practice my banjo.
  • My daughter Bethany and I are working on a podcast together, which gives me a great deal of new technical matters to learn about, and is also great fun.
  • I knit. A little.

My Family

Four of our children–Matthew, Andrew, Bethany, and Timothy–are all grown-up and have families of their own. They are responsible for the brilliance of my seven grandchildren: *Anya, Emmett, Eleanor, Wesley, Gideon, Jane, and Emmalynn. Our daughter Amalia is going to be a junior in college this fall, and 13-year-old Malachi is still at home, homeschooling with me. This crew is the best part of my life, by far, and if somebody told me that the rest of my life would consist of sitting out on our deck, roasting marshmallows and making s’mores with them and telling jokes and stories, I would be utterly content. Especially if I had my banjo with me.

Hopefully the chocolate supply would hold out.

That’s me. Now.

The ‘now’ list idea is snowballing, so much so that a site to gather ‘now’ lists has been formed here.