My Garden

A beautiful variety of heirloom and artisanal tomatoes from my garden. Yum, yum!

I don’t use anything synthetic (herbicides or fungicides or whateveracides) in my gardens, but the federal government tells me I can’t use the word “organic” without jumping through hoops and paying fees. I kinda think this stinks.

My veg and fruit and edible flowers shouldn’t have to earn a special term to be valued, after all. They are what they are–naturally and wholesomely grown! (Here’s a thought . . . how about the good farmers who use synthetic chemicals on their crops be the ones to fill out forms and register methods . . . their crops could be called “chemical carrots” and “fungicide broccoli” and so forth.

Cross my heart I’d never use the term “chemical carrots” to describe my carrots. hehe

Oh well. Who needs their silly over-regulated word, anyway?? I can still grow lots of beautiful veg and fruit and raise it without chemicals without being certified to do so.

That’s what I’ve been doing for . . . oh geez, I’m not gonna admit how long. Let’s just say . . . DECADES and leave it at that!

Tom Thumb on the right, and red leaf lettuce on the left.

This is and always has been my conviction: it’s just not that hard to grow beautiful, delicious things in your own home garden. I have a few tips and tricks and practices that I hold to, and I write about them right here on my blog. Also, I’ve learned a lot of things just from being maniacal crazy about gardening, from trying new things all the time, from reading a lot about gardening, and from hanging around other nutty garden folks.

Grow a garden, yo.

It’s a great hobby, better (they say) than therapy for your mental health, and a super-duper way to move your body and keep your muscles from forgetting how to flex. And the rewards! Oh, the rewards can’t be beat.

Do it. Don’t let’s just look at the pretty pictures and say wistfully “if only I had a green thumb like you—” It’s just not that hard. Jump in. The garden soil is fine.