Handmade Polished Wood Napkin Rings

Cedar rings come in smooth or lined.

These napkin rings, made of polished cedar, come in two styles: smooth or lined.

Here they are. Pull cloth napkins through these pretties, and an ordinary meal is transported to a special occasion. You are worth this extra care, and certainly your family is, too!

These are made out of walnut.

These lovelies are made out of walnut, a very dark and lustrous wood.

Dad makes these rings either smooth polished, or lined. You choose!

  • cedar or walnut
  • smooth or lined

You probably need some of these, don’t you? Of course you do. But don’t wait to order them! There is a limited supply of these napkin rings available.

Stats: 4 handmade napkin rings, polished, finished and ready to use (please specify type of wood and style)



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