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Hey guys, my shop is open!

I’ve been teasing you for weeks now, and now you see that I wasn’t kidding! I have some beautiful and very useful things in my shop.

You know, don’t you,  that all the items I offer in my shop will be my very own personal favorite things? I’m assembling a collection of the things that I love to use the most, and offering them to you.

Click on the individual pictures, if you want more information about these lovely things. With any luck, my website will take you to the individual product pages *fingers crossed*.

Note to Gentle Readers outside the U.S.: please email me if you’re interested in making a purchase, and I’ll figure out postage and let you know what it will cost, before you order, because additional postage fees will apply to anybody outside the U.S.

Limited-time Promotion! Dad has offered free personalization on any rolling pins. He signs and dates one end of each pin, and for this limited time only, he’ll also burn a name or a message on the other end.

Handmade Maple French Rolling Pin

This one is my own everyday French rolling pin. I’ve used it for years, nearly every day.

My Dad and I worked together to come up with the best French rolling pin for everyday use. It’s made of maple–a tough, beautiful, yet inexpensive wood. It’s very smooth to the touch, easy-as-pie to clean, and will be the only rolling pin you’ll ever need. The French style (slim silhouette, no handles) in my opinion is so much easier to use and keep clean.

Don’t have an everyday rolling pin yet?

Then this one is the one you need.

My everyday French Rolling Pin, handmade out of maple.

This particular rolling pin is the workhorse in my own kitchen. I love it!


Every rolling pin that my Dad makes is signed and dated.

Every rolling pin that my Dad makes is signed and dated.

Bitty Walnut Rolling Pin

Sometimes you need a smaller rolling pin, to roll out just a few biscuits or a pastry for a small pie, or maybe you want to give a lovely smaller rolling pin to a smaller person.

Then this little beauty is just perfect:

Just perfect for bitty hands or bitty jobs!

my new blog shop

This pin is made of well-aged walnut and is so showy.

Vintage Soda Pop Bottle with Spout

Do you love vintage touches in your home? I do! I am drawn to the old lines, old materials, old things, for so many reasons. These vintage soda pop bottles make great containers for dish soap, or salad dressing, or so many other things.

So many uses! So much fun! There is a limited supply of these, you know.

my new blog shop

Cute vintage soda pop bottle with a spout–useful for so many things!

Fancy Woods French Rolling Pin

Occasionally Dad runs across a piece of wood with a grain so pretty that he’ll make just a few very special rolling pins. This curly hackberry one is an example. It’s quite the show-off.

Very limited supply–don’t procrastinate on this one or they’ll all be gone!

A fancy French rolling pin, handmade out of curly hackberry wood.

See how pretty this one is, made of curly hackberry wood?

Hand-turned Walnut Rolling Pin

Here it is, by popular request. The bitty walnut rolling pins are so popular that Dad decided to make a few full-sized walnut pins. They are just beautiful, slightly smaller than the Everyday Rolling Pin, and trust me, you probably need one in your kitchen. Walnut is a beautiful, lustrous, rich wood with lots of variations of color. Take a gander.

And then you’d better order one, asap. Dad has a limited supply of this old walnut.


Of course every rolling pin is signed and dated on the end.

Of course every rolling pin is signed and dated on the end.


Hand-turned Napkin Rings

Every meal can be a Special Event, with cloth napkins and lovely hand-turned napkin rings like these.

Dad turns these by hand on his lathe, and then he sands them carefully, and sprays them with a glossy finish. They are ready to grace your table!

Cedar rings come in smooth or lined.

Cedar rings come in smooth or lined.


These are made out of walnut.

These are made out of walnut, also lined or smooth.

Thanks again for your love and support, Gentle Readers!