“Mommy and Me” French Rolling pin set in Walnut

Look! How cute are these??

small and smaller rolling pins

I can still hear the sound of chairs being scootched across the kitchen floor, when I was a young mommy, busy at the kitchen counter working on dinner. It was a welcome/dreaded sound, because I knew that while my little ones just wanted to help, having them up at the counter with me, their hands in the dough (literally) would make my cooking efforts take longer and be messier. MUCH messier. Yet I knew that it was for all our eventual good that I welcomed them into my kitchen. So I did.

Now . . . a couple of decades later . . . all five of my grown-up kids are serious foodies, and good cooks and bakers in their own rights! (Little Mack, the last one at home, is still a work in progress . . . ) Of course all the mess and the trouble back then was totally worth it.

I had a feeling at the time that I wouldn’t regret that. And I just loved being with my kids, anyway–at least most of the time (cough).

But. How I would have loved to have owned a set of rolling pins like this one!

“Mommy and Me” origin story

I had this idea. I shared it with Dad. He went home to his shop. I went home to my farm. A few hours later, Dad sent me a text. “Come see what I made,” he said. “You might like it.”

You know? I did. I liked it very much. Dad made this pair of rolling pins in Walnut with all the mommies with littles who like to scootch those chairs up to the kitchen counter in mind. Those flour-sprinkling, milk-dumping, butter-schmearing darlings who will grow up to love to work in the kitchen because they only felt love from their mommies when they asked “Mommy, can I help?”

The Bitty rolling pin, handmade in dark, lustrous Walnut is a beautiful kitchen tool–great for rolling out biscuits, cookies, tortillas, or anything else, and the Teensy matching pin is just the right size for little hands. (The Teensy is also sold separately, by the way.)

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