Handmade Walnut “Bitty” French Rolling Pin

small dark walnut rolling pin

Such beautiful wood! This old walnut is rich and lustrous and makes wonderful rolling pins.



Each pin is signed and dated by the craftsman.

This little pin is just the right size for rolling out a few biscuits, an indie pot pie, just a few tortillas, or to roll out pastry for a pie. 🙂 The Bitty French Rolling Pin is a lovely work of art that deserves a place in your kitchen. Handmade from well-aged walnut by a well-aged fine Nebraska craftsman.

Yeah, that would be my dad. 🙂

Due to its handmade nature, each rolling pin is unique, natch’.

Just like snowflakes. Or fingerprints. Or chicken toes. And the like.

Supplies are limited, so don’t delay–order today!

Care instructions: Wash by hand with a mild dish detergent and warm water, rinse, and dry immediately. I asked Dad about the best way to treat these rolling pins. “Make your family one pie a week,” he said. Then, after considering: “Actually, two pies a week would be even better.” If you notice that the surface of the pin seems dry, apply a coat of olive oil or vegetable oil liberally, allow to sit overnight, and then rub with a soft towel. It’ll be ready for use again in the morning. Please do not put into the dishwasher, microwave, or soak in water.

Walnut bitty stats: the bitty rolling pin is around 12″ long.

$25.00 + S&H