5-Minute Breakfast Missions

breakfast5My kiddos operate in a state of mild self-pity and ennui* if I don’t put out a little bit of effort making them a good breakfast. Every morning. Conversely, I tend to get up early and charge into my day, which doesn’t allow for lazy mornings puttering over coffee and breakfast.

I realized sometime ago that if we were going to have breakfast in the morning, it would have to be easy to make. Easy enough, in fact, that a child (that is to say, little Mack) could make them.

(cymbal crash!) Enter 5-Minute Breakfast Missions.

If you make a plan the night before, a good breakfast really can be pulled together in about 5 minutes: by you, or (la-de-da) somebody else! Here is my collection of quickly-pulled together breakfasts that will make everybody in the family (even you!) feel well-loved and cared for.

Because (with this collection) you will be.

*ennui: a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or hot breakfast

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