“Mommy and Me” set of French rolling pins in hard Maple

med and small French rolling pins

The “Mommy and Me” set in Maple: beautiful, unique, and so useful.

Here they are!

Our “Mommy and Me” set of top quality, hand-turned French rolling pins, made out of tough, beautiful hard American Maple. These rolling pins are gorgeous, practically indestructible, and each set is uniquely made just for you and that little one who loves to scoot the chair up next to you, to “help” roll out the pie crust or cookie dough.

Some flour may sift down onto the floor; the counter may be more of a mess; but you know how much you love having your littles excited about helping in the kitchen. And when they are bigs, lucky you: you’ll be able to put your feet up and read a chapter of your current book, mug of tea in hand, while they make the biscuits for supper, all–by–themselves. #score!

The only four words for this situation: Please pass the butter!

Gentle reader. You want them. You neeeeeed them. And probably there’s somebody you love who needs them, too.

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Mommy and Me in hard Maple

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