Walnut French Rolling Pin, Handmade in Nebraska

Walnut has a lustrous dark, satiny grain and a very rich look to it. If you want a rolling pin that looks like you spent a million bucks on it, get one of these. If you like to use tools that give you pleasure just because they are so beautiful and feel so good in your hands, get one of these.

Heck. Just get one of these.

These bitty rolling pins made of walnut are so popular and universally admired, Dad decided to make a full-sized pins to keep them company in my shop.

Stats: The full-sized Walnut French Rolling Pin is about 20″ long. No two are exactly the same. Each one is unique and made entirely by hand, quadruple-sanded, and finished to last forever.

And look how pretty:


Care instructions from the congenial pin maker: Best to roll out one pie crust (two is even better) per week, to keep pin properly oiled. Wash with a damp warm cloth, but don’t allow to soak in water. Rub with olive oil or coconut oil occasionally to keep a nice finish.

various French rolling pins

From left: Maple Bitty, Walnut Teensy, Maple Bitty, Walnut full-sized, two Maple full-sized, Walnut Bitty, Cherry Bitty.

Thanks again for taking a look at my shop!

(Read more about my Dad who makes these lovely things in this post.)