Ten Things I love about my hubby

My daughter Bethany posted a list of ten things she loves about her man this week on her blog, and she challenged her readers to do the same. I love it that she dwells on the positive in all areas of her life, and this is just one more example of that inspiring trait of hers.

It was so easy to come up with ten things that I love about my husband, Bryan. I could easily come up with about a gazillion more. Thanks for this opportunity, Bethany, and Gentle Readers, please permit me a bit of a brag on my hubby. Here are ten things I love about my man.

1. He is 100% supportive of our children and families. No matter what, he loves them all fiercely and unconditonally.

2. He is generous with his time, not thinking twice to spend his days off in teen driving instruction, household maintenance, melodrama set-building, chess-tutoring, wood-hauling, and tree-planting.

3. He is a tender and loving Opa.

4. He roasts coffee for me. 🙂

5. He still thinks I’m hot, even though we’ve been married for, like, 100 years.

6. He respects and supports my passions, though they’ve cause him tons of work over the years. A big family. Homeschooling. Directing a melodrama. Chickens. Our little farm. Farmer’s market. All my ideas that he has gone along with. A second chest freezer. Homestead pigs. Oh, wait. We’re not quite there on those yet. 😉

7. He is funny. He can make me laugh, and more importantly he can make our grandchildren laugh.

8. He loves musicals, melodrama, and all kinds of music.

9. He’s smart and well-read, and I can discuss nearly anything with him.

10. He loves Jesus and shows it in the way he lives, the way he talks, the way he treats folks.

11. He is a Good Man, and he is a treasure to me.

I love you, honey!

I love you, honey!

(Sorry, Bethany, I just had to add one more!)

If you want to link up to Bethany’s original blog post, with your own list of what you love about your man, just click here to go to her site. You can also leave a list in her comments, as several have done. It’s all good!

Thanks so much for indulging me in this personal brag list, Gentle Reader. *hugs*

22 thoughts on “Ten Things I love about my hubby

  1. Alana(@RamblinGarden)

    Oh, Amy. #6. That’s how we ended up in Arkansas for four years, because I (born and raised in NYC who tried to grow lettuce on her windowsill out of sheer frustration) picked up a magazine one day and fell in love with the idea of homesteading. And my hubbie went right along with it! Now I have to make a list of 10 more things I love about my husband so I can include that story. Then you’ll have to write 10 more….This could go on for months! Your daughter really hit on something that got her readers engaged When I read her post I wondered, will anyone respond? I’m private enough that I wasn’t sure if I would. But it was so successful. Kudos to you both, and may she have many, many (at least 100) years with Warrior Man.

    1. dramamamafive Post author

      That’s kind of what I thought, Alana–I thought I’d better take pity on the poor girl and make a list, because I wasn’t sure that anybody else would . . . was I wrong! That has been quite a popular post for her! Our poor husbands, their very good natures (regarding #6) really come back to bite them, I’m afraid . . . *wince* I could easily come up with 10 more things, so if you will, I will! 😉

  2. Amy BovairdNg

    What a wonderful list! All great attributes! I personally love it that he has a great sense of humor and loves the Lord, you and the kids….great to celebrate your partner!
    And I didn’t know that you were Bethany’s mother!
    Amy B

  3. Sara

    I could have written your list. When I think of my husband I smile. It’s always nice to think about why you love someone you’ve decided to live your life with.

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