Watching the sunset with Anya

Every now and then my son and  his wife trust us with their Most Precious Jewel, that is, our granddaughter Anya Genese, and we get to enjoy a few hours playing with this sweet dolly.

What a blessing!

This week was the first time Anya didn’t cry when her beloved Mama and Papa left, although her lower lip came out for a brief pout.  But she adores her Uncle Mack and her Aunt Amalia, so her eyes began to sparkle almost right away.

Look at those eyes--talk about blue!

Look at those eyes–talk about blue! 

After supper, we decided to go outside.  Anya observed wisely that there was so much more scope for the imagination outside, Amma, what with the chickens and the dogs and the cats and the lovely spring flowers and the songbirds and the vast Nebraska sky.  She said something like that.  We all agreed, naturally.

"Aunt Malia, please open your mouth so I can study your braces and pretty blue rubber bands--please?--like this!!"

“Aunt Malia, please open your mouth so I can study your braces and pretty blue rubber bands–please?–like this?”

So we all headed outside.  I’ve been so busy with spring planting and pre-graduation-party housecleaning and whatnot, that I haven’t settled down to watch a sunset in quite awhile.  And that, Gentle Reader, is a shame. We may not have mountains (or, for that matter, valleys) or ocean views here in Nebraska, but we do have some pretty glorious sunsets.  And we are blessed to have not a lot to obstruct the view out our back door, to boot.  

These girlies are so beautiful together.

These girlies are so beautiful together.

"Oh! Who's back there?  Is it that silly Uncle Mack?"

“Oh! Who’s back there? Is it that silly Uncle Mack?”

Let's see if we can make her laugh!

Let’s see if we can make her laugh!


Anya watches little Mack no matter what he does.  I'm the same way, actually.

Anya watches little Mack no matter what he does. I’m kind of the same way, actually. It’s hard to tear one’s eyes from him, for one reason . . . or another.

The sun is really going down now and casting a golden glow all over everything.

The sun is really low in the sky now and is casting a golden glow all over everybody.

playing peek-a-boo with Uncle Mack

playing peek-a-boo with Uncle Mack

watching the sunset

Oh my, lovely, lovely!

Oh my, lovely, lovely!

It’s the perfect time to watch those sunsets, isn’t it, with the hint of coolness in the evening and the mosquitoes not quite with the program yet?  Grab somebody you love and find a good place to just watch that giant ball of fire sink in the sky.  You’ll be glad you did.



25 thoughts on “Watching the sunset with Anya

    1. dramamamafive Post author

      Roy, I’ve informed her mama that when Anya gets to adolescence, she will not be allowed to wear a certain shade of blue . . . . it makes her eyes just pop and makes those eyes unbelievably pretty.

  1. Sheri Conaway

    The pictures of your kids and granddaughter are amazing! I love your take on the “stop and smell the roses” theme. Sunsets are so awe-inspiring, no matter where you are! Thank you for sharing this moment in your life.

  2. Bonnie

    Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing. It’s so special to be able to share such moments with your granddaughter. I am going to be a first time grandma in about 4 weeks. So excited!

  3. Alana (@RamblinGarden)

    All the things I did with my son (who is an adult now) – I never watched a sunset with him. He was too active a kid. But I should have done that and I feel a little wistful. Hopefully I will have a grandson or granddaughter to do that with. My husband and I love to watch sunsets on vacation. Somehow, when we are home, we just don’t get around to it, although we have a good place to watch them from! (a local park).

    1. dramamamafive Post author

      That’s the fun thing (one of them!) about grandchildren, Alana: you can do all those things with them that you may have been too busy with your own kids to do.

  4. Toni Nelson

    What a cutie!! I’m sure the older she gets the more she’ll love staying at your house. You always have such fun things going on! Love looking at photos of the sunset.

    1. dramamamafive Post author

      Oh, Tony, I do hope so! I can imagine no greater blessing than having my grandchildren really want to be at my house!!

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