13 Things I Didn’t Know About Pigs


1. Pigs are not morning persons. They enjoy a good lie-in. Every. Day.

2. Pigs like to snuggle.


3. Pigs enjoy a swim on a hot day.

4. If once you initiate the pleasant routine of Evening Snacks on the Veranda, pigs will remember this, and will thenceforth wait on the Veranda for snacks. In the evening. Forever and anon.


5. Pigs are very tidy and will set up a bathroom area in a discreet area of their yard, for instance behind a tree. They will use this area in preference to other areas of their yard. Except for when they take a notion to use their pool. But nobody seems to care. Pigs can be mellow, when necessary.

6. Pigs enjoy an early bedtime.

7. Pigs have cute bums.

8. Pigs will flirt and act coy if you pretend that you don’t remember the Evening Snacks on the Veranda.

9. Pigs have adorably long eyelashes. And earlashes. Also, noselashes. Lots and lots of lashes, baby. Everywhere.


10. Pigs enjoy a good radish. A fresh watermelon rind. A juicy apple. And whatnot. Preferably fed out-of-hand. On the Veranda.

11. Pigs savor a good scratch on the nose.

12. Sometimes, pigs will frolic. Very quickly. Usually in the evenings. Preceding Snack Time on the Veranda. Especially if you forgot.

13. Pigs have each others’ backs.

(Surprised that we have pigs? So am I! SO–AM–I—-!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 The story about how we got them will be forthcoming, I promise!)

So stay tuned! 🙂



3 thoughts on “13 Things I Didn’t Know About Pigs

  1. Stefanie Grace

    Hi Amy! You said you were interested in how people found your website… for me I was this article. I am a new pig owner and just learned many of these myself. Most shocking to me was learning #1. It’s hysterical what a sleepyhead my Shelby is in the morning! Everything else was spot on except for #5, my little guy poops indiscriminately all over the yard! I’m hoping this will change as he gets older so I don’t need to go on treasure hunts everyday. Anyway… I love how you write and thank you for the smiles.

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