Guess what . . . ? Our Sweet as Love Podcast is live!

Gentle Readers. I have some news.

And I know how you like news.

two women sitting outside

“Amalia, please make sure to not get my ridiculous socks in the shot. And basically, focus on Bethie because she looks so cute . . . well, say . . . would it make sense, do you think, to just edit me out entirely? Say, do you think anybody will be able to tell that we don’t actually have coffee in our cups?”

We really haven’t told many people about this, Bethie and I. A few select family members know about Sweet as Love Podcast because

  • we needed a tappy little tune for a musical theme (thank you, Timothy!)
  • we needed a snappy little design for cover art (thank you, Andrew!)
  • we needed help with tech issues (thanks, Mack!)

But the truth is, we’ve been working on this secret (mostly secret) little project for three years. This project was a series of starts-and-stops, with all momentum coming to a crashing halt any time there was a family emergency (in either family) or time of crisis. And–believe me–there were plenty of those in three years. (Two new babies, two major hospitalizations, three melodramas, etc.) We are in the middle of one right now, in fact, though the Covid 19 stay-home suggestions for both Bethie and me hasn’t changed our lives overmuch.

After each life disruption, when we’d drag ourselves back to the brink of normalcy, I would call Bethie or Bethie would call me and one of us would croak weakly “We need to launch our podcast . . . “ and the other would agree. Neither one of us was willing to throw in the towel. As hard as it was to get this project figured out, neither one of us was willing to let it go.

We never lost hope, though we lost momentum several times. We lost half a dozen episodes through a tech failure; we lost outlines that we didn’t nail down; we lost a little sleep wondering how to fix this or that, but we never lost hope that we’d eventually get to this point or launching this baby out into the world.

Hopefully, we mused, we’d launch our podcast before podcasts were no longer a thing.

Bethie and I both listen to a lot of podcasts. They are a blessing to her–an extrovert who is raising littles at home–and to me, as well–an introverted farmer who spends lots of time by myself harvesting lettuces, radishes, edible flowers. While my hands are busy, podcasts keep my mind busy, too. I like the intellectual chats about discoveries in brain health, the chatty podcasts about recipes, books, and home; the farm podcasts sharing concerns like soil health, best varieties of beans, planting schedules, how others do it. I learn many new things every day, through podcasts.

And so producing our own podcast is a labor of love and also a collaborative effort that makes sense to both of us right now. We are both passionate about making our lives as sweet as possible, and we hope to share our discoveries with our listeners.

I hope you join us!

You can listen and subscribe right now on Stitcher, Podbean, or iTunes. In a few days, you’ll be able to find us on Pandora, Overcast, and Spotify. We would love it if you’d have a listen, subscribe, and  give us some feedback!

The episodes that we have ready for you so far:

When you subscribe, you will get a notification every time we drop a new episode!

Also, we’d love it if you’d:

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This is gonna be so much fun!!

Join us!





8 thoughts on “Guess what . . . ? Our Sweet as Love Podcast is live!

  1. Gene Gage

    Never listened to a podcast in my life, so I guess I’d better start now while I can still hear. I’m gonna need some mentoring from you on how to access it though. I have no idea what Stitcher, Podbean, Pandora, Overcast, and Spotify are and I think I once ended up on iTunes. looking for a ne Rhionnon Giddens recording. Congratulations!

  2. Sharon H

    Well! Thank YOU Gene for ‘fessin’ up, ‘cuz I have no idea how to do this podcast thing, either!
    So when does the how-to-for-dummies-like-me start?

    1. dramamamafive Post author

      Sharon, I’ll get a post up very soon, and will have you up and listening to podcasts in just a few minutes!

  3. Janet Dugan

    Yes,help! Being a gardening fanatic hasn’t prepared me for the “virtual” world,and I’d hate to miss your podcasts! Maybe we could all borrow Mack for awhile.

    1. dramamamafive Post author

      I plan to write a post very soon about how to listen to podcasts. It is so simple, you’ll be surprised! Aaaand I’ll have Bethie proofread it for me, just to be sure that I get it all right!

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