Guest post on “What’s To Eat?” all about my lovely buns!

A Special Note to My Gentle Reader:

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the bittersweet experience of getting ready for our son Timothy’s graduation party, and how I was loathe to go through those pictures . . . pictures of adorable little baby Timothy, sweet little toddler Timothy, Timothy in a tree, Timothy playing his guitar . . . you know the pictures, you’ve got piles of these kinds of pictures, too, if you’re a parent . . . and how I realized it was all because I wasn’t ready for him to leave home yet.  And I shared how I made a rustic memory board for his party.  Remember?  It’s all here. 

Here it is--in its finished state--ta-da!!

Here is the rustic memory board I made–in its finished state–and you can even see what a cutie my son is, if you squint. See the picture in the top row middle, where he has the red shirt on and the saggy diaper, and his back to the camera, and he’s playing in the dishwasher?  I think that’s my favorite.

With help from my family and friends, I somehow got through that weekend.  My sister and brother-in-law loaned us their easy-up, and we set everything up in the front yard. The wind was blowing, but not enough to spoil the day.  My mom made some exceptional cookies (I’m going to share that recipe with you later this week) and my sisters made desserts and salads for me.  Yes, I’m blessed.  And spoiled. And grateful.

Bloiled?  Splessed? Splessedateful?


Here is the staging area for the party. The bowls and canisters were filled with salads and cookies, and everything went out to the buffet tables outside by a jubilant parade of leggy children and nephews.

It was a fun party. The food all turned out well, people walked around our paths and enjoyed letting their children run, and watched the chickens and held the little chicks and there was lots of laughter and merriment.  There was a strange stuffed monkey, and what party is complete without one? Everything went well.  However—as it is with these sort of events when I’m the hostess, I was so busy I forgot to take many pictures, even though my camera was right there in my pocket.  Rats!!

I never have to be reminded to take pictures of my darling granddaughter Anya.

I never have to be reminded to take pictures of my darling granddaughter Anya.

And best of all, my buns were a hit.  I was really thankful, since I had taken the risk of experimenting with a new recipe in making them.  Isn’t that brilliant?  Invite over a hundred people to your house for a party, then try a new recipe!  Not brilliant, Amy.  But oh well. It worked out.  This time it did.

I wrote a guest post for a friend who has a wonderful all-things-food-related blog, called “What’s to Eat” about my beautiful buns and how I made them.  You can find this post and the super-easy-but-fabulous recipe right here.  Check it out, Gentle Reader, and check out my friend’s blog while you’re there.  If you like trying out new recipes and reading about great food in general, you’ll enjoy her blog! I would really love to hear from you if you decide to try out your hand in making your own buns beautiful . . . er, that is . . . your own beautiful buns.

Here’s a sneak peak of these gorgeous buns o’mine:

Don't you agree that these are the most gorgeous buns ever?

Don’t you agree that these are the most gorgeous buns ever?

Now get on over to my friend Carrie’s website and learn how to make these in your own kitchen!  Enjoy!

Yours, Amy



16 thoughts on “Guest post on “What’s To Eat?” all about my lovely buns!

    1. dramamamafive Post author

      Patricia, I’ll admit, that is the SMART way to do it. . . I had my fingers crossed the entire time, I assure you! 🙂

  1. Francene Stanley

    These buns look delicious. They bring back memories of baking bread on a wood stove in our 150 year-old house at Robe, South Australia. In the seventies, I loved the whole ‘back to the earth’ experience. I guess baking them in a proper oven gets better results. I’m glad you’ve ‘let go’ of your baby and allowed him to be a man. It’s painful, but unless you bend in the wind of change, you’ll snap.

    1. dramamamafive Post author

      I like that, Francene: “unless you bend in the wind of change, you’ll snap.” I have found, also, through the painful “letting-go” process of my older three children, that there are wondrous benefits of the process: lovely daughters-in-law and gorgeous grandbabies! 😉

  2. Samantha G.

    Yum!! I have to say, it’s the memory board that stands out to me in this post. I love the song that has that verse in it— it’s going to be stuck in my head all day now haha Good reminder. Thank you!

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