Home Again, Home Again . . . . Jiggity-Jig

To market, to market, to buy a fat pig,

Home again, home again, jiggety-jig.

To market, to market, to buy a fat hog,

Home again, home again, jiggety-jog.

To Ohio, to Ohio, to hold a new baby,

Home again, home again, it’s drivin’ me crazy!

Gentle Readers. The precious babe that is so contentedly tucked in Sonia’s lovely swollen belly did not come on his or her due date, as we had all ardently hoped. Neither did the seven or eight pounds of sweetness come on the next day . . . or the next . . . Ardently, passionately, avidly, fervently, fiercely, keenly we longed and prayed to see and hold that preciousness before we had to leave for home.

Alas. Alack. We had to leave for home before the event, and we are home now, still waiting. Still jumping like Mexican jumping beans whenever the ‘phone rings or the cell’ makes the “bedeep!” sound of a new text. Still trying to be patient. Still trying to sleep at night, but not succeeding overmuch.

I remind myself that the sweet darlin’ is only a week late, and that babies will come two weeks before or after the assumed due date, and that this is, of course, perfectly normal.

I remind myself that every baby I had (and I gave birth to six mewling and exquisite and satin-skinned and dewy darlings) save one—and that would be Andrew, the papa of this baby–came within a day or two of his due date. Andrew came three weeks early. So.

I remind myself of my Dad’s comforting and rational words: “Babies come when they are ready to come, not a moment sooner.”

I remind myself that there are scores—if not hundreds–of good folks praying constantly for this precious new one and his parents. Probably for us, too. We are probably enjoying the blessings of those prayers, being under the umbrella of “family.” (And thanks, folks.)

But all those intensely-conjured heart reminders didn’t stop me from bawling like a baby (ironically) for a long time after we drove away. I was driving, and Amalia kept patting my shoulder and offering to drive. “Mom . . . don’t you want me to drive? Are you going to be okay?” Oh, but I was aching to hold that new precious baby in my arms before we left the country. I was pining to see Anya hold her new baby sister or brother. To see the look of joy and relief on the kids’ faces. To wrestle my co-grandma, Jamie, for first holding rights (just joking, Jamie: I would have let you have the first turn at holding. I would have been patient. I would have tried to be patient, at least. I think.)

home again

Eliza is smiling so broadly in this picture, because she is planning to whup up on the game designer on this day.

We put off our departure as long as we could. We perhaps could have waited one more day, but then we would have had to take the whole trip in one day instead of two–quite possible, but so exhausting I didn’t want to try it. I do know my limits (somewhat) and I figured that it would be folly, after a week of not sleeping very soundly (“I just heard something upstairs—is that somebody rushing to the ‘phone?” etc.) to try to make the 14+ hour trip in just one day. Especially since with Amalia and Mack and me traveling together, a 14+ hour trip actually could last 3 weeks.

We stop for everything, ya’all. We could be called the Explorers of Whimsy. 

Except: let the record show, though we want to explore it every–stinkin’–time, we’ve never stopped to see the home of the Duke, John Wayne, in Winterset, Iowa. Next time, kids. I promise. 🙂 I have selfish reasons for wanting to stop there. My own Grandpa Young looked a whole lot like the Duke, and he grew up in Winterset, Iowa, also. So that must mean–right?--that he and the Duke were shirt-tail cousins. Also there’s this: the Duke’s dad was a pharmacist. And: my Dad is a pharmacist! What more proof does anybody need that John Wayne was my cousin?

And . . . by the way . . . if you’d like to read more about that fabulous gentleman, check out this article. It’s excellent, and there are many more stories about brave men who made a difference on the same website, as well.

And besides . . . that’s such a better story than who the actual famous people are, that I’m related to. Trust me. And no, I’m not going to tell you. 🙁 So don’t tease me. (Not even you, Gene . . .)

home again

We leave for our New Zealand trip in *gulp!* three days. I have major butterflies in my stomach about this. I have bills to pay, seeds to plant, calls to make, the refrigerator to clean out (*running screaming out across the back forty*) and major packing to do. We went to New Zealand the first time five years ago, and that time we started packing several months beforehand! I’m not sure if it’s a really nice sign of my maturity and fantastic chillness that I’m not freaking out this time, or if it just shows that I’m losing my mind.

But no matter. Easy come, easy go. harhar


There are Wal-Marts in New Zealand, right, if we forget anything . . .? Well . . . maybe not.

We made so many superb memories while we were at Andrew and Sonia’s house. They live in a very big house, so we could spread out when we needed to and get space and rest. There was nearly always somebody to play a game with, or to sit down and draw with, or to read a few books to. There was lots of snow outside to play in. With my co-grandma and my daughter-in-law Sonia being such superb cooks, I could just lie back in the chaise lounge and laze about every day until the dinner bell rang. I gained, like, 20 pounds! (joking) Beyond the usual cooking and cleaning up, there wasn’t a crush of work to do every day (contrary to someplace else that I know . . . and . . . love .  . *cough*) 🙂

It was lovely.

So, since I haven’t started packing yet and I should really do that, I’ll stop yakking and attach a few photos, which will do my yakkin’ for me. I love ya, Gentle Readers, I do. So enjoy the pictures, and I’ll see ya next time. 🙂

Anya named this little gray squirrel "Blurk." Or "Blerk." Certainly NOT Richard, is what Mack called him.

Anya named this little gray squirrel “Blurk.” Or “Blerk.” Certainly NOT Richard, which is what Mack called him, contrary fella (Mack, not Blurk/Blerk).

We watched this fellow every day, getting the nerve up . . .

We watched this fellow every day, getting the nerve up . . .

 . . . getting carefully into position . . .

. . . getting carefully into position . . .

 . . . and making his move!

. . . and making his move!

home again

Snacktime, baby!

home again

home again

I love this boy.

I love this boy. He’s a little nutty. And I love him.

This was my little castle that I built, and then which sagged and leaned precipitously the next day, but didn't fall!! (My Frigidaire Flair is that little box-shaped thing to the right, and it is full of snow cookies. :)

This was my little castle that I built, and then which sagged and leaned precipitously the next day, but didn’t fall!! (My Frigidaire Flair is that little box-shaped thing to the right, and it is full of snow cookies that Anee and I made. 🙂

I tried to tuck this little sweetie into my pocket and bring her home with me. But no.

I tried to tuck this little sweetie into my pocket and bring her home with me. But no.





6 thoughts on “Home Again, Home Again . . . . Jiggity-Jig

  1. Jillian

    I was just reading how they shouldn’t have a due date but a birth month. lol
    I hope you have a fabulous time in New Zealand. I don’t have to tell you to take a lot of pics and blog, fb, instagram excessively so we can all join in.

    1. Grace Napier

      Amy, if you & Bryan didn’t enjoy the hot springs in Tauranga then you really must—we enjoyed them several times a week while there–so relaxing. Have a great time & keep us updated on the new Ohio arrival. I hope you love NZ as much as we did. Say Hello to Raineys, Nelsons & other folks there.

  2. Rachel

    I’m sorry you didn’t get to wrestle your Co grandma, that would’ve been fantastic! And I’m also sorry the babe didn’t make an entry while you were there, but it sounds like it was a good trip still. New Zealand!!!? Soooooooo jealous! I want to go to the shire!! Have so much fun and be safe! (Love blurk/blerk lol)

  3. Chef William

    Have a wonderful trip and take a lot of pictures (but of course you will) We start driving north day after tomorrow and I have not even lined up the hotels or packed anything yet. We only decided to drive yesterday over morning tea. Had planned to fly……aren’t last minute ideas some of the best?

  4. Nathana Clay

    I know that is disappointing. It is why we knew we couldn’t invite my parents. They would be so anxious, I would become anxious and my body would have kept Rebekah in even longer! She made us wait 10 days. We naively thought she would come early . . . Mitch was so anxious. The day before she was born he convinced me to walk (*waddle*) around the mall, and the block, and to drink various teas, etc. We avoided the castor oil. I was not willing to be dangerous . . . When our midwife came to check up she said we were like 3cm dilated (we had been 2 for like a month . . .). She adjusted my cervix slightly and said, “You’ll probably be calling me tonight.” Yep. We were by 1 AM after a few hours of contractions. Rebekah was born at 4:30 PM. Long labor, but all things considered, not a bad labor. I only had to push for under 20 minutes! I’d heard some women talk about pushing for hours, which terrified me.

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