How to Make Your Own Deli-Style Roast Beef

I was wondering what I was going to do today (not really), and also what to do with all those lovely beef roasts in our freezer.  I have a beef guy, and we buy a quarter of an excellent steer every summer.  We use up the hamburger first, and the stew meat, and the steaks, but I’m always a bit overwhelmed by all those roasts:  I’m just not a big roast beef person.  It’s not really my thing, which makes my husband sad, because he loves a great hunka hot roast beef, surrounded with steamy carrots and taters . . .

But this morning I ran across this site that offers instructions (with lots of pictures in glorious color!) on how to make a roast into that yummy deli-style roast beef, and I thought “Eureka!”  That’s what I’m gonna do!  Here’s the link, and let me know if you try it:

I’m thinkin’ French dip for supper . . . oh, oui!


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