Little Mack and me: Shenanigans with the new camera

Our little Mack, or Malachi, was dropped into our lives over 6 years ago by a loving and merciful God who knew that we needed a bit of humor and a little shake-up in our lives.  It was a bit of an upheaval to have a baby again in our middle-aged years, with our oldest son newly in college, but I can’t imagine our lives now any differently, of course.  Our little man is so much fun.  I got a new digital camera not long ago, and I tried to coax little Mack into letting me take our picture together.  Here is what happened:

“See, look, I’ll hold the camera and you kiss me on the cheek, okay . . .?”

""Here. . . c'mon, we can do this . . . just one kiss, okay?  It won't kill you."

“”Here. . . wait–don’t look at the camera this time–and my cheek is down here–c’mon, we can do this . . . it’s not rocket science–just one kiss, okay? It won’t kill you.”


"There ya go!  That's what I'm talking about!"

“There ya go! That’s what I’m talking about! See?  That wasn’t so tough, was it??”


"Oh now what are you doing--?"

“Oh look, this is how you turn the flash back on–whoops!–now what are you doing–?”

"Oh, now don't make me laugh--"

“Oh, now don’t make me laugh–shoot–what’s so funny?”


Oh, let's try to take one more, now, shall we . . . ? Mack?

“Let’s try to take one more nice one, now, shall we . . . ? Mack? Okay?”

"Let's just do one more serious one and I'll let you go, okay . . .?

“One more serious one and then you can go play, okay . . .? That’s not very serious, now–“


"One more nice one, honey, and then you can go play--"

“Just one more , honey, and then you can go play–hey, scoot back here with me–“

"There ya go--that's nice--thanks, honey."

“There ya go–that’s nice–thanks, honey.”

And with that–have a happy day, you!


13 thoughts on “Little Mack and me: Shenanigans with the new camera

    1. dramamamafive Post author

      Yes! There are some advantages to the dizzying speed at which technology changes, eh? Thank you for looking, Alana!

  1. Julie Jordan Scott

    What a cutie. I had my youngest at 39, a shockingly ooops baby since I had to try for a long time to have my girls. He is singing Rick Astley right now in his room, eleven-years-old and loveable and frustrating as ever.

    He has high functioning autism, so I have become a Mom barracuda, something I didn’t experience at this level with my girls when I was younger. :~)

    Great to read you again!

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