My new ebook “Secret Chicken Knowledge: I’m Full of It!” is here!

chickens in yard

Chickens enrich my life immeasurably. They amuse me. They keep me fed. They keep me humble.

Guess what, gentle readers? It’s your lucky day!

Whyever? you might ask. And it’s well that you do! Because . . . today you can purchase my new ebook: “Secret Chicken Knowledge: I’m Full of It!” Oh. I’m giddy. I’ve been working on this project for a looong time!! 🙂 I’m so excited to release it at last.

How did this come about, anyway? My, my! You are full of questions this morning! Here’s how . . . a couple of years ago, as I fussed around the chicken yard, it occurred to me that my chooks teach me lessons constantly. Lessons about how to care for them better. Tips and tricks nobody had told me, nor that I had read about anyplace. Things I learned just from the daily caring and raising and nurturing of my homestead flock.

Struck by this idea that raising chickens for over a decade and half might give me insights that just might be of use to others who were just starting out with their own flock, I started carrying a little notebook around with me, jotting down ideas for helpful things that might bless the gentle readers of my blog. Eventually I had so many great (hopefully! You be the judge, of course!) ideas that I knew I wouldn’t have time to write blog posts about all of them. (I was too busy caring for chickens, you see) (and lots of other critters, as well) (ducks, a goose, puppies, kitties, oh-those-chinchillas, children, a husband, et al).

So. I started writing this ebook, in the wee hours of the morning. When I deemed it finished, my talented designer son Andrew put it all together and made it look pretty. 🙂

And here–ta-da!–at last . . . here ’tis:

You can buy it today!

That is, if you wanna. 🙂

And hey . . . for the next 30 days, I’ve set it up so you can pay whatever you want to pay for it. Grab it for a dollar, or (shoot! I like this better!) dig down deep and buy it for a cool hundred (that would be cool). Anything goes! (The suggested price is indicated, to give you some *cough* guidance.)

And . . . if you find any value from this blog, could I ask you a favor, oh pretty please, gentle reader? Share this post with your friends, on Facebook or Twitter or email, or IG, or however you share good things with those that you love.

And, thank you. You’re the best! 🙂


8 thoughts on “My new ebook “Secret Chicken Knowledge: I’m Full of It!” is here!

  1. Bryan

    Wow, with that title . . . I am tempted to, wryly, say, “Yes, she’s full of it!” But that would imply all the wrong things!

    Yes, Amy, my wife, is full of hard won knowledge about chickens from her daily sojourns to, and from, the house to the coop.

    But, her readers know, that far beyond the “knowledge” she offers, she offers something much more. She offers a sense of humor, whimsy, and philosophy about the gentler, lovelier, values of living. Hope everyone enjoys this new gift from Amy as much as I enjoy reading about–and living with–her continued journey with poultry and life.

  2. William

    I am going to buy a copy as a surprise for Maria, I am sure she will love it. As for myself, I read Chicken knowledge by Colonel Sanders some time back. It was mostly about what to do with them after they have been fully raised. In our house, that’s my department. Two of her mommy chickens had babies this week so she is a busy chicken lady. One had 7 and the other 5. I think I will be adding a lot of new chicken recipes to my new blog once it is launched.

  3. William

    Wow is all we can say. What a great book. Granted we only bought it this morning and we just finished chapter one but we already learned enough new feeding tricks to more than pay for the price of the book within the first week. My wife is always worried about what to feed them, but not anymore. We will be looking for the seeds first thing tomorrow morning’
    If you raise chickens or are thinking of raising chickens, you need to read this book. We are having so much fun reading and learning together.The chicken yard will never be the same.
    And even if you’re not interested in raising chickens, you should read this book so that you will better understand why we always tell people to buy free range chickens when they plan to cook chicken. Those chickens are raised with tender loving care.

    1. dramamamafive Post author

      William, what a nice comment, thanks so much. And I’m glad that my new ebook is already helping you and Maria out with your Grand Chicken Experiment! *hugs* to you both. I can’t wait until we can sit at our table together again, and swap stories!!

  4. Babsi

    I just downloaded this and can’t wait to read it! I really love your down-to-earth approach to chicken keeping and have been quite addicted to your blog since last winter. Plus, my chickens are now addicted to sprouted grain 🙂 And the ducks. And our opportunistic omnivore of a dog. EVERYBODY IS.

    Probably they are all shuffling their feet right now, waiting for me to open that book and learn even more cool things. Which is what I’m gonna do asap 🙂

    So, thanks for all the good advice and the heartwarming glimpses into your live, Amy, and good luck to you and all your critters! Greetings from Austria,

    1. dramamamafive Post author

      Babsi, this note just made my day! Thank you, thank you. And, for the record, I think there are probably worse things to be addicted to then sprouted grain, right . . . ?? Lately I’ve actually been fermenting my chicken grains (unintentionally) and the chickens love that even more, it seems!! 🙂 Blog post coming soon!

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