Ponca Family Camping

I promised you a few pictures of our annual Ponca Family Camping weekend, so here they are!

This slope in front of our cabins can be quite treacherous during a good acorn year, since most of the mature trees in this area are oaks! However, there were very few acorns on the ground this year.

My little dolly Anya likes camping, and playing peek-a-boo with her mama’s scarf.

Sophia riding on Timothy’s shoulders.  This little lady is so sweet and precious that every male in the vicinity is her lifetime slave.

Playing games out in the sunshine.


Adam, is the middle of the road the best place you can find to take a break?

Such a blessing to have all my sibs together for one weekend! That’s Anne, me, Mark, Mollie, and Matthew.  Amalia’s in the background, wishing she was part of the group hug.  It was cold!

Eating is a very big part of our Ponca Experience. A VERY BIG part.  Here’s Matt and Paula’s “simple” baked potato bar . . . with more toppings than you could try in one meal, two kinds of meatballs, meat gravy, and more!

We spent more time around the fire this year than others, because it dipped down into the thirties at night.


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