search terms that brought you to me (hehee)

Gentle Readers, sometimes you crack me up. In the bowels (you might say) of my blog, or (a more polite term) the “Dashboard,” I can click on a link to study my stats. This is a fascinating but admittedly a bit of a time-wasting exercise, which means I am constantly tempted to do it. I love to see which posts are getting the most traffic, and where my blog traffic is coming from. It’s all a learning experience for me.

But most of all, I like to read the search terms that brought you to me. Now this is where it gets really interesting. I get a real kick out of some of these search terms. I’m going to share the most memorable ones with you, in the spirit of sharing and cooperation. 🙂

Blogging experts say that you should look at these search terms every now and then, to get ideas for what to write about. I look at them because they make me laugh. I am not a blogging expert. As you know.

One more thing . . . if you see something you typed into the search bar that brought you to me, please know that I’m not laughing at you . . . I’m just . . . laughing with everybody else at you. (Hehee. Just kidding.)  Bottom line: I’m glad you found me, one way or another. Seriously.

honeysuckle flowers can you eat with honey?

honeysuckle flowers can you make honey from?

And oh! I’m not going to edit; the lack of punctuation and capitalization, I’m quite sure, is due to hurried typing, not to ignorance. 😉 (By the way, I’ll try to stay mum but if I just can’t hold my tongue, my comments are in red.)

Plus. They are part of the charm of these terms, don’t you agree?  Of course you do. 🙂 Let’s get started:

  • my bantam has a red face not a yellow one what is wrong with her (Gosh, I’m sure you can find the answer to that one online.)
  • i dream of hen and roosters with many checks (mmmph)
  • how you take the spikes from the chickens legs off
  • what kind of bug is all gray with little legs
  • hard shelled bugs in upstate new york
  • sledding backwards on belly crash into tree (well, okay, yeah, I do have a story about that . . . )
  • tough barefooted boys
  • catching hen in night chicken coop
  • how to gdt (sic) rud (sic) if (sic!) moths timatoe (sic!!) olants (sic!sic!)
  • cane sugar coated ginger healthy?? how to make
  • tomato cage wind (ummm . . . )
  • doctors say a worm is eating my insides away & killing me (Yikes! I do wish I could help!)
  • do chickens throw up (I do think we’ve established that fact.)
  • i know a chicken and she laid an egg
  • at what age can you tell for sure a chicken is a hen
  • she will probably die soon we are looking for someone to butcher hen
  • write how a chicken can be mummified
  • ox liver milk (???)
  • what is the favorite bread of an elf
  • my chickens comb has flopped, pale, dry and she not running around
  • i bought some ginger root candy is it good
  • how to make a newspaper into a weapon (Hey, that’s a new one!)
  • how to bake tons of bread for farmers market (Gosh–tons??)

You know that I could share hundreds of these with you. But I won’t. You have things to do, as do I. Hopefully I’ve given you something to giggle about today, ’cause a little giggling sometimes makes a big difference in the day!




7 thoughts on “search terms that brought you to me (hehee)

  1. Chef William Chaney

    I’m waiting, when will we be seeing an article on how a chicken can be mummified. We have more chickens at the moment than we can eat. Perhaps we can mummify a few and place them in the living room. den, kitchen and bedroom to scare away any all gray bugs with little legs that should sneak into the house.

  2. Alana

    Hey! I’m the expert on hard shelled bugs in upstate New York! What gives? How do they get your blog and not mine? All I can say about my blog is that the #1 post as far as traffic (by far) was a post called “Yonkers Before the Zombies”. I don’t know how to check on which searches brought people to my blog in my blogging platform (Blogger) although I can tell you that 80% of visitors to my blog use PCs and 22% use Macs. Less than 1% use iPads and iPhones. So, anyway….how DO you make newspapers into a weapon?

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