JORD watches: natural beauty on my skinny wrist

Check out my new watch, folks:


See? Beautiful, huh?

When a representative from the Jord watch company contacted me to ask if I’d like to review a JORD wooden watch for my blog, I didn’t hesitate. I just said “Sure, baby, send it on!” I’d seen photos of JORD wooden watches, and I was intrigued to see what one would feel like on my wrist. Plus: oh my goodness, they are so beautiful, who wouldn’t want to try one?? I love the natural woodness of them. And all the different types of wood from which to choose, not to mention all the combinations of wooden bands and faces. Check out some of the choices here.

The obvious beauty and uniqueness of these watches is not the only reason I wanted to try out a JORD watch for myself. Then what? Well, it’s not just a little embarrassing. That’s why I’ll tell you (and only you), gentle reader. Here’s the thing: though I love to wear a wristwatch–I am the world’s worst (check the list, there I am, at the top!) at keeping working batteries in my watches. I own three watches. They work, they do! Every one of these three watches needs a new battery. At this very moment. At most moments in the past few months, in fact. At–all–moments.

Oh. Full disclosure. I also borrowed a watch from my beautiful and uncomplaining daughter Amalia, and it now needs a new battery, too. I think I’m a watch battery killer.

I just keep forgetting to get new batteries installed in them. Over and over and over, I forget. Old lady brain? Too-packed-to-do-list? Alien beetle in my brain nibbling on neurons? I dunno. It couldn’t be easier, that process, of course: a kind-faced woman at Wal-Mart will install a battery while I shop, so all that’s required is that I remember to drop off my watch at the jewelry counter, do my shopping, and then return to pick up the watch. I pay for the battery and I strap the watch on my wrist and–voila!–just like that, now I know what time it is. It’s not rocket science, after all.

How simple is that? Pretty doggone simple, that’s what.

Truth is, I have been to Wal-Mart approximately two thousand, one hundred and seventy-three times since my last watch battery went dead (no exaggeration). But can I remember to drop off the watches for new batteries? The answer to that question, gentle reader, is, simply put, “heck no.” I did a few things to remind myself to get watch batteries: I wore one of the dead wrist watches for weeks (putting it on in the morning, pulling it off when I did dishes or other messy tasks, pulling it off at night, glancing at it every now and then to ascertain the time, and then remembering—-ugh!—that, though I went to Wal-Mart that day, I forgot to get the watch battery–again).

Another strategy that didn’t work: I placed the three dead watches in my purse, reasoning that I would see them every time I opened my purse, thereby reminding myself to take care of that niggling–yet so easy-to-forget–task. But no. They all immediately sifted down to the bottom of my purse, and I forgot all about them. Until I cleaned out my purse. (Which, for the record, I never do.)

Furthermore. I have noticed (to my dismay!!) that not as many people wear watches any longer. If you don’t know what time it is and your own watch is dead (because you cannot remember to get a new battery) it used to be the simplest thing in the world to just ask a pleasant stranger nearby if they had the time–and of course, you scanned their wrists first to see if, truly, they did wear a watch–and they would respond with a smile. “It’s 12:15,” or “2:32,” or “it’s nearly 7:00,” or occasionally “Get a new battery for your own watch, loser, sheesh!” Such a nice ritual for those of us who are chronic-watch-battery-installation-forgetters.

Anyway. The cell phone in the pocket or purse has replaced so many other things, including the need for a wrist watch. Maybe it’s just me, but I am personally irritated by having to fish around in my purse (what with all those dead watches in there vying for space) or pocket (which pocket did I poke it in?) for my blessed ‘phone, every time I need to check the time. And then, after all the fishing, I realize that Amalia has my cell phone and she is at work. *pout* I like the ease of just glancing at my wrist when I need to know what time it is. It’s so handy.

But enough about my lousy memory. Let’s just forget it (snort). Now I have a new watch, a watch with a fully-functioning battery, and a watch that (it’s true) I love. Now I never have to remember to get new watch batteries installed. Well. Until the batteries run down, of course. Huzzah! I feel hip, wearing this watch. I feel empowered. This JORD watch brings forth all sorts of feelings, all of them good.


These are Mack’s hands. Mack really, really wants my Jord watch for himself.

Now a somber very personal note: you probably haven’t noticed it, gentle reader, but I have very small wrists. It’s true. I have always been amused by this fact: though my weight has ballooned up quite a lot six distinct times in my life (six babies, don’tcha know) my wrists always stayed annoyingly skinny. I’ve always hypothesized that, if I someday (God forbid) weighed 400 pounds, my wrists would still be stick-thin. (I’ve never had the nerve to put this to the test.)

So, with this crazy tiny-wrist-size-thing going on, forever, I guess, I wasn’t sure how a JORD watch would look or even feel on my own personal self. They look big, so I wondered if they would be heavy or annoying to me. Or look out of scale.

That was my reservation, pre-JORD watch arrival.

Oooh. Then, the box came. Mack asked if he could help me open it. (We are country folks, people. Interesting mail is a big deal out here in the sticks.) I had compassion on the rumpled country lad, and said yes.


Mack opened it slooooowly to draw out the delight factor. It worked. We were both supremely delighted.

“Look, Ma, it’s in a special little wooden box!” he whispered.

“Shall we keep goin’, son, or is that enough excitement for one day?” I asked softly. “We could open the special little wooden box tomorrow. Or next week. You know, make it last a good while.”

“No, Ma, let’s do this thing proper-like,” he whispered. “How often do we git a package, after all? Kin I open it, please, Ma, please?” He put his dear, calloused little hand on my sunburnt arm. I brushed a wisp of silvery tangled hair away from my eyes.

“Okay, son,” I said, taking a deep shuddering breath, and smoothing down his roughly-cut hair. The last time I cut his hair, I couldn’t find the kitchen shears, so I just whacked it off with my machete. The kitchen shears did a nicer job, for sure.

Mack opened the dear little wooden box and we both caught our breath. Because, this:


*gasp* So handsome.

It was on a little pillow. “It’s so light!” said my son, as he pulled it carefully out of the box. I gently took it from him. It was very light.

“It’s so beautiful,” I said, and I slipped it onto my annoyingly-skinny wrist. “Look, son, it hides my pathetic bony wrist,” said I.

“Almost,” he said, in a bald attempt to gain the watch for himself, bless him. “But it would look better on my dinky little wrist, I think.”

In all seriousness: I love wearing this watch. I thought at first that it might look silly on me (the skinny wrist thing and all) but I think it looks rawther posh, as my granddaughter Anya would say, maybe even a little hip. The folks at JORD adjusted it to my size, and then when it came, it was a little tight (I like to wear it looser, like a chunky bracelet, I’ve found) for my liking. I was bemoaning this fact, while Mack dug around in the packaging, and he found a few extra links. “Mom, don’t worry,” he assured me. “I can add another link,” which he did. (Here’s another embarrassing fact that I will divulge just because I think you will be amused–pride be darned–Mack and I have the same sized wrists. He’s ten. *cough* So weird.)

“You,” I said to my handy little son, “are my hero. Thank you. I love you. And I love my new JORD watch now, too.”

“Super,” he said, smugly. “Can I have it?”

That’s when I whacked him with the box. (Not really!)

You can check out my watch, which is made of zebrawood and maple, right here.

Okay, now to business: if you’re interested in checking out the JORD wooden watches yourself, the nice folks at Jord have set up a contest just for my gentle readers! Here’s the scoop:

    • Simply click here to enter this special contest set up just for my gentle readers for a chance to win a $75 e-gift certificate to apply toward the purchase of your own cool JORD watch.
    • Every entrant receives a $20 e-gift card for entering. Win-win, baby!
    • Contest Dates: 10/26/16- 11/13/16

Wood Watch Review

Thanks for popping in today, you guys. Have a great one!


This Post was sponsored by JORD wooden watches, by the way! Thanks, guys!















5 thoughts on “JORD watches: natural beauty on my skinny wrist

  1. Chef William Chaney

    But of course the one I would pick for myself is at the very top of the cost chart. Livin on rice and beans, head full of champagne and caviar dreams…..that’s life in Mexico. They are really great looking watches. And of course with the holidays just ahead of us, I am sure I can guess what Little Mac will be looking for. I will keep these in mind just in case I happen to be standing on the dock of the bay when my ship comes in. Are they waterproof.? Seems that is a given because of your outdoor lifestyle but you never know without asking.

    1. dramamamafive Post author

      Sounds like life in Nebraska, too, Chef!! As for them being waterproof–I’ll have to check that out. I rather guess you wouldn’t want to get them wet in any case, since they are made of wood. I just realized that I let my mom try my on this morning, then left it with her. Oh no! She’s even more of an outdoorsy person than I am (if that is even possible!?). Mooooommmmmm . . .!!

  2. Rachel Pye

    Bahaha! I laughed so loud I startled my dog when the machete came out! I love the way you write!
    And! I have at least a dozen dead watches, and I could probably count on my one hand how many times I’ve actually replaced the battery. –Why is it sooo difficult??
    I’ve seen these Jord watches on Pinterest and they’re breathtaking. My favorite is the one with the turquoise face. *longing sigh*
    I’ve wanted to blog, just to get my words out there, but didn’t think about people sending you nice things! So happy for your beautiful watch!
    Hope all is well in your neck of the woods, my prayers for you and Mack and Amalia and the rest, health and peace! From Rachel

    1. dramamamafive Post author

      Rachel, but that part about the machete wasn’t a joke . . . !! 😉
      Regarding the dead watches . . . so glad I’m not alone in this!!

      I love the turquoise-faced watch, too, but the Jord folks didn’t give that one as a choice, alas! Maybe next time . . (hint hint, Tim!) Thanks for your blessings and prayers. All the best to you, too. <3

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