Coon Creek Herbs are back & a Christmastime giveaway!

spoons with herb mixes

Coon Creek Herbs are back, for a limited time!

I’m so happy it’s Christmastime again. And I’m really excited to share with you some goodies from my shop, that will hopefully help you give the best gifts to the lucky folks on your gift list. Even if one of those lucky folks is you!

Christmastime for us: Turning our attention to baby Jesus; carving out afternoons to make Christmas cookies; decorating our Christmas tree and stringing lights outdoors (maybe, this year we’ll actually get it done?); shopping for gifts and spending big chunks of time fussing over wrapping and labeling gifts; making several special cookies and socking them away so when our big kids come home for Christmas, there’ll be something special for them . . . basically . . . turning away from the news for a few weeks, settling in here at home and being grateful for a pause.

It’s time, isn’t it? Yup. In fact, it’s past time.

Gentle reader, I hope you are doing well. I hope your family is thriving, even through this challenging year. I want the very best for you. Hope. Love. Peace. (Gosh, what does that sound like?)

For a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us;
And the government will rest on His shoulders;
And His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
Eternal Father, Prince of Peace. –Isaiah 9:6

Are you feeling a larger-than-usual amount of simple joy in diving into Christmas this year?

I am. In fact, I’m nearly finished with my gift-buying, and have a list of gifts that I’m planning to make, which I’ll start on this week. We turn on happy Christmas music, and grab little/big Mack and we go to work on the Christmas project du jour.

Can I help you with your gift-giving this year? I have a few things that may just be the perfect thing for somebody on your list. Today we’re talking about this yummy stuff . . .

tin of dried herbs with fall leaves

This one is Herbs de Provence. See the dainty little lavender blossoms in there? It smells and tastes so special!

Coon Creek Herbs are back!

My business partner and well-known herb grower Gene Gage and I have partnered again to package up fresh herb mixes from our tiny farms, in these cute tins. Gift-worthy, to be sure!

Our three mixes are:

  1. Spicy Tuscan Italian–rosemary, oregano, marjoram, thyme, fennel seed, basil, chile peppers (for a bit of a bite!) and sage.
  2. Mexican Madness–chile peppers, onion, garlic, cumin, paprika, Mexican oregano, Bay leaf.
  3. Herbs de Provence–French thyme, Girardus rosemary, fat spike lavender, garden sage, winter savory, and bay laurel.
gift package with tins

A set of three of these herb mixes makes such a nice gift for anybody who likes to cook . . or eat. 🙂

These herb mixes are special! The herbs themselves were raised naturally out on the prairie here in Nebraska, and have been dried and mixed into unique blends that you will (quite simply) love. 

Order a set for yourself, and one for somebody on your list. (If you like, I’ll even gift-wrap it for you!)

If you’re wondering about the little critter on top of the tins . . . that is Juniper, our resident girl-raccoon, and I wrote her story here.

And here’s the origin story behind Coon Creek Herbs, and a cute picture of Gene and little Mack and me when we were all a bit (cough) younger.

Don’t delay, if you want some. After all, we have limited quantities, and when they’re gone, they’re gone!!

Ready to grab some?

Click here for more details, and to order!

Coon Creek Herbs herbs tins

Juniper graces the tops of Coon Creek Herbs tins.

The fun giveaway I promised

We are giving away a 3-tin set of Coon Creek Herbs to one lucky gentle reader!

To enter, you must do all three of these super-simple things:

  • Share this post on your social media and/or through email,
  • Comment below on how you shared it, and
  • Tell me (also in the comments) one thing on your own gift list. (I’m that curious.)

That’s it! (Contest open only to U.S. residents.) The winner will be announced on Thursday, December 10th!

Thanks for popping in, gentle reader. I hope you’re doing well.

In my next post, I’ll roll out another lovely surprise, for you and your gifting. So come on back, okay?

If you have a friend or relation who might like to see this post, would you do me a favor and share it? I’d be that grateful. 🙂


dog with herb tin

Capone, this sweet velcro-dog of mine, tries to nose into every photo shoot!

18 thoughts on “Coon Creek Herbs are back & a Christmastime giveaway!

  1. Kimberlee

    I sent it via email to my sister.
    For Christmas, I want the money to take our family and another to Great Wolf Lodge for a couple of days of fun and togetherness.

  2. Mollie Teachworth

    These look wonderful, Amy! I love cooking with herbs. Hope you and yours are well. Miss seeing you! One thing on my list is a wooden salad bowl.

    1. dramamamafive Post author

      Oh boy, a wooden salad bowl! I’ve always wanted one of those, too! Thanks for entering my giveaway, and good luck to you! I miss seeing you, too.

  3. Cindi Clarke

    Merry Christmas! I shared it on my Facebook page!

    As far as my own Christmas wish list … I am picking up the pieces after 10 years in mental hell (on top of everything else in 2020, my husband started using meth and cheating on me). I left WI with only what I could carry (no furniture) and very little else. If I were to wish for something as I restart my life, it would be bookshelves to house my soon to be filled good-for-me-to-unwind library.

    1. dramamamafive Post author

      Cindy, God bless! What a big life upheaval you’ve been through! Thanks for sharing the post, and good luck in the giveaway . . and in your brand spankin’ new life!!

  4. Dave

    Okay, late to the game again. 🙂 (I only have high speed internet at work, my internet at home was invented by Noah.) Shared on MeWe and Facebook. I would love to have my three girls, their husbands, and the grandkids together for Christmas. Alas, won’t happen this year. But I can hope.

  5. Pat H

    I just ordered a few minutes ago Amy….my grandson is a wonderful cook and I will give them to him…..thank you for gift wrapping them so much…..Merry Christmas and have a wonderful one….be safe and God bless you and yours….

    1. dramamamafive Post author

      Thank you so much, Pat! I will get those in the mail to you asap, and of course am happy to gift wrap! You are blessed to have a grandson who is a wonderful cook, for sure! And he is blessed to have you. God bless you too! xoxo

  6. Dana Jo Hendrix

    I shared to a Facebook group I am a member of that focuses on chickens. I also bought some rolling pins for my grown daughters because everyone needs a rolling pin and why not have one that is so beautiful you feel like hanging it on the wall!
    I love every word of your blog!
    I wish I could think of a thing I want. Maybe a watering system for my garden. I really just want all the madness to stop and for ppl to be kind to each other again.

    1. dramamamafive Post author

      BOY, I’m with you. “Madness” is so apt. It’s hard to watch our country be torn apart, from within and out.

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