Three Sisters Podcast #5: Our first special guest star!

Here's Mollie, Anne and me after last year's Bee Buzz Run.  Yes, it was breezy.

Here’s Mollie, Anne and me after last year’s Bee Buzz Run. Yes, it was breezy.  It’s Nebraska, Gentle Readers.  It’s always breezy here.  At least breezy, if not full-force windy.  And that’s the way we like it.

Okay, let me guess:

1.  Your kiddos are sick and you’re stuck at home today, and you need something to lift your spirits.  No?  Well . . .

2.  You’ve heard all your co-workers buzzing about these Three Sisters Podcasts, and you are anxious to hear what all the excitement is about.  (Well??  It could happen.)

3.  You listened to last week’s podcast and you’re anxious to hear more stories about wolfish fruitcake eating, unusual holidays that you’ve never heard about but now are fascinated by, and (the coup de gras!) the valuable mustard reviews.  (Really?  Are you sure that’s not it?)

4.  Your pet iguana is injured and you’re very sad about it.  You know that the Three Sisters Podcast will, at least, give you a reason to smile.  I got it, at last?  Hooray!

My sisters Mollie, Anne, and I (when not participating in breezy late-winter runs, as shown in the photo above) have a marvelous surprise for you in our fifth podcast. You can’t make me tell you . . . no, don’t tickle me . . . hey! That’s not fair! . . . well, okay, I can’t keep this secret:  we have our first celebrity guest!

Here he is:  my son, Andrew:

And & Anya

(Here he’s holding my darling granddaughter, Anya–isn’t she wonderful?–and the photo credits for this beautiful photo go to Sonia Miller.)  Andrew is an entrepreneur, an artist, a blogger, Papa of Anya and husband of Sonia, and a barista at Starbucks.  Yep.  He does all that.  In our chat with him, he tells us some pretty sweet secret recipes from Starbucks.  Plus, he shares with us his own particular opinions about mustard and (get ready) really super-fascinating fact about ketchup!  Yes, he does!  You don’t want to miss that, now, do you??

Listen here to get the whole scoop.



6 thoughts on “Three Sisters Podcast #5: Our first special guest star!

  1. eyenie

    What a lovely, funny, light-hearted post!!! And you sound like such a proud mommy!! Kudos to your son for rocking and rolling all of that! It looks like you and your sisters have some mega fun together…makes me miss mine 🙂 YAY, happy Sunday!

  2. Julia Neiman

    Great idea for a blog Amy. At last I know someone that actually likes fruit cake. I did get kind of queasy listening about the fish frappuccino. Yew. Quirky conversations in your family. I actually follow the Clueless Dad on social media.

    1. dramamamafive Post author

      Thanks so much for listening, Julia. You’d like fruitcake if you got it from the right place, you know! I can almost guarantee it!

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