Make your own version of “bulletproof coffee” and rock your world

Are you a coffee devotee? Have you heard the term “bulletproof coffee” yet? A friend of mine on Facebook several weeks ago mentioned that she was getting her day started with a good hot cup of “bulletproof coffee.” I was curious. I love a good cup of coffee, and I was wondering what made hers “bulletproof.” And what, exactly, did that mean?

I was a bit surprised when she told me that she put a little bit of butter and a lot of Virgin Coconut Oil in her coffee. At first, I thought, (and I quote myself) “Gak.”

Butter and oil in coffee? First of all, why? Second of all, “Gak.”

But I got over my initial Gak-reaction and I did a little more reading and I decided to try my friend’s recipe for myself. I love a good cup of coffee, and . . . Gentle Readers! My recipe below makes a good cup of coffee. I’m, in fact, spoiled for other coffee, now that I’ve become addicted to a big steaming cup of this brew every morning. I realize that this is all anecdotal (that is to say, based on personal accounts rather than facts or research, so there’s your disclaimer!) but this is what I’ve noticed in my own humble self since I’ve started drinking a big mug of this deliciously augmented coffee every morning:

  • In a month I’ve lost 5 pounds (hey, it’s something) without changing my diet or activity at all.
  • Sometimes I forget to eat breakfast, as this coffee fills me up so much.
  • I experience very few sugar and carb cravings now, and will sail through the entire morning without needing a snack. This is something, really, since I used to get to mid-morning and need a second breakfast (Hobbit-like) to make it to lunch.
  • I’ve noticed more energy and my mind is sharper.
  • I don’t seem to need as much sleep as I used to.
  • I promise I’m not making this up.

Do you remember when FAT was a dirty word? Everybody was on low-fat or no-fat diets, and everybody was hungry all the time. I still see lowfat cheeses and no-fat products in the grocery store and I think (you’ve guessed it) “Gak.” I followed my mom’s advice during the low-fat craze: I just ignored the trend, and ate the fat that was closest to being natural: butter. I left the margarine at the store (I avoid anything that’s filled with mysterious ingredients that I can’t pronounce) and avoided the Crisco (scary stuff). I’m glad that we’ve come back to the realization that not all fats are bad, but there are fats (such as olive oil, and now coconut oil, and butter, in the proper amounts, natch) which are actually beneficial to our bodies.

Newsflash: our bodies need some fats to operate best, as fat in the diet is essential for proper brain function, healthy hormone development, and energy production, among other things.Β The trick seems to be picking out the best fats for our bodies, with the dizzying array of fat choices available to us today.

This coffee has a big dose of healthy fat in it. Has it changed my life? Well, it has enhanced it a great deal, and that’s why I want to share it with you, my Gentle Readers. Maybe you will try it and it will enhance your life, too. That’s why I made it for my team who came to help us pull the poly over our hoophouse last week. It made a great accompaniment to the honey-cinnamon rolls that I made that morning. They all smacked their lips over it, too.

Here’s what I look forward to each morning:

Joy in a cup. Yum.

Joy in a cup. Yum.

I’ll share my recipe with you in just a second, but first, in the Credit-Where-Credit-is-Due Department, I’ll give a hat-tip to Dave Asprey, who writes an amazing blog called “The Bulletproof Executive.” He’s the guy who coined the term “Bulletproof Coffee” and is a very active guy who has developed his own brand of coffee beans which are supposed to be lower in toxins and thus much better for you. He makes his cup of coffee with lots of added butter from grass-fed cows, and a special oil that he has developed that is a mix of palm and coconut oils. He claims that his health and his life is enhanced by drinking this special brew every morning. I believe him. He also appears to make his living from selling these products on his website. I applaud him. He sounds like an amazing guy!

Dave’s high-end coffee beans and special oil and butter is a little out of my budget, though, so I did a search for other versions of this coffee, and I found plenty of sources online who write about the wonders of their own versions of bulletproof coffee, which are made with ingredients (good strong coffee, grass-fed butter, and virgin coconut oil) that I can find in my area. And hey, I can still pay the mortgage after I buy them, too. Score!

Are you ready to try this version of bulletproof coffee? You may even want to click over to Dave’s site and read all about his products, and give them a try. I would like to do that myself, someday! His blog is very interesting reading, too.

In the meantime, I’ll be sipping this, and you can be, too. Here’s how you make it. Mix in your blender the following:

  • one cup of your favorite coffee, brewed very strong πŸ™‚
  • 1 tsp butter, preferably grass-fed
  • 1 Tb (or more!) Virgin Coconut Oil
  • your sweetener of choice (I use a little sugar)
  • your creaming agent of choice (it’s hard to beat good ole’ half and half, in my book)

The blender will emulsify the fats nicely, just making you a nice, rich, creamy cup of coffee which will fill you up and give you all kinds of energy. I like a light dusting of cinnamon on top, too.

I’m working on another post about all the wonderful ways that you can use Virgin Coconut Oil, and why it’s the darling of the health food set now, after being the villain for so many years, and how it made its remarkable turn-around. It’s a pretty fascinating story, actually, if you enjoy food-related reading. Which I definitely do.


Click on the photo above to see where I like to buy my coconut oil, and lots more great stuff!

But that’ll be coming sometime next week, so check in again! Thanks for stopping by, Gentle Reader, you are too, too good to me. If you enjoyed this post, I would appreciate a “share” orΒ  “like” or somesuch thing. Again, thank you. πŸ™‚

p.s. Here’s the post where you can learn more about Virgin Coconut Oil!





91 thoughts on “Make your own version of “bulletproof coffee” and rock your world

  1. Shawn

    You crack me up. “Gak.” I am not a coffee drinker, to young for the stuff. But I do agree wholeheartedly with the other facts that you shared with us concerning fats. I was never smart enough or interested enough to remember what fad was in and what one wasn’t. Part of it was living on the ranch and eating good old meat from the pasture and veggies from the field. Now that we don’t live that lifestyle anymore I usually go with what seems the most natural.

    1. dramamamafive Post author

      I’ve always been the same way, Shawn, especially about food fads and trends. “Meh” is my usual reaction, so that’s why I’m so tardy at jumping on this virgin coconut oil train. But jumping on I am! Thanks for your comment!

  2. Lotta Wanner

    Thanks for this great post!! I’m really happy for this advice, I will try this tomorrow morning in my new coffee mug!! Exciting. Thanks for the tip with the bulletproof blog too. I will definitely be back to see whats going on here. Big smile! πŸ™‚

  3. Erzsebet

    I don’t like coffee at all but I drink fruit coffee πŸ™‚ – of course it consists of fruit only – a really healthy version I must say and I’m kind of addicted to it πŸ™‚ Actually I wrote an article on this topic on my blog!

  4. Brenda Cohorn

    I can NOT wait to try this. My husband has gotten hooked on caramel mocha from – gasp – Mac….do…ds. I know, I know don’t judge him! I’m going to see if I can switch his addiction to bullet proof coffee!! BTW – LOVE your blog!

    1. dramamamafive Post author

      Thank you Brenda! Oh, don’t apologize, I really love the chocolate chip frappacinos from the same . . . . establishment. Love them but they do have LOTS of sugar and cals!

  5. Chef William

    Wonderful, It is something I will be giving a try very soon. I no longer drink a lot of coffee when in the kitchen because somehow I have become a tea lover and drink a lot of it. However, I do like a cup of Joe now and then, and the next one will be β€œBulletproof Coffee”

    1. dramamamafive Post author

      Try it and let me know what you think, Chef! You may decide that you’ll have to drink more coffee, after all! πŸ™‚

  6. Carolina HeartStrings

    Wow. You have me VERY curious. I am chipping away at my weight, one pound a week now for about 3 months. A boost like this would be awesome. Not to mention the regular boost I need from my coffee anyway! Off to add to my grocery list!

  7. Ann-Marie

    I’m very keen to see how this tastes. My initial thought was the same as yours but I would like to try it as you are pretty convincing. I’m more of a tea drinker (being a Brit) but I do enjoy a coffee every now and then.
    I’m looking forward to your post on coconut oil. I live in St Lucia so we’re not short of a coconut or two around here! πŸ™‚

  8. Alana (@RamblinGarden)

    Discussed with my husband, the cook. It’s fascinating. Hubbie said he would add a touch of vanilla powder. So I’ll ask you a couple of questions. Have you tried to make a batch and keep in the fridge? (I wonder if it hardens, and if it stays mixed). I drink my one cup a coffee at work M-F, so I could take enough for several days to work – we do have a fridge there. If not, I’ll try on a weekend.

    1. dramamamafive Post author

      You are a cleverer woman than I, to get your hubby to do all the cooking! I don’t know about keeping a big batch of this in the ‘fridge. I’ve never tried that, though I may try it this week, too. I don’t know if the fats separate from the liquid once they are cold, but I would suspect that would be the case. I’ll report back to you with my experiments, and you do the same, okay? Thanks Alana!

    2. Chris

      Either way, if you give it a quick blend before you drink it they would mix back together. I personally love the frothy drink after you blend it and it takes seconds.

  9. Sara

    This is so interesting. I had no idea there was a term for this “bullet-proof coffee” – because I’ve been doing this for ages now. It began when I would add coconut oil to my raw milk latte whenever I’d had too much wine the night before. (Yes, even a nutritionist indulges every so often.) It always made my body handle the espresso much better, and was ever so tasty. I use real cream in my americano anyway. But adding extra fat helps prevent the jitters and reduces the acidity in my tummy. And I’m not skipping my morning cup o’ jo because of it so this has been the easiest solution. Point is, I agree this is tasty and good. Thanks for this very good post πŸ™‚

  10. Robbie

    Well Amy, that sounds very interesting. I do have a mild coffee addiction and I do love coconut so I am going to have to try this. I have never heard of bullet-proof coffee. It does sound pretty good, especially with the cinnamon on top Yumm.

    1. dramamamafive Post author

      I don’t know, Gillie. I thought (remember) GAK at first, but you must try it before you make your judgement on it! You may love it, even without the cream!

  11. Julia

    I am loving your blog. I just found it recently and love all the wonderful stories you write. Could you give me a little further instruction on this. Do you mix the fats, half and half and coffee in the blender or just the fats? Sorry if I’m being a little “dense” but I really do want to try this soon. Thanks!

    1. dramamamafive Post author

      Julia, that’s a good question! I just brew the coffee, then when it’s piping hot I dump the half and half and sugar and fats and all into the coffee cup, stir it up, and then dump it in the blender for a quick Whirrrrr . . then I dump it back into the cup and enjoy! I hope you like it, too! πŸ™‚

      1. Lois

        I’m not sure where I got your recipe earlier this winter, but I skipped the blender and just added the oils to my regular coffee with the usual sweetener and creamer. OMGee! I think I lost a pound or two while I went through a whole pint of coconut oil. Don’t know if I had any more energy either but dang it was some good stuff! Time for me to start putting the fats back in the morning coffee. Ran out of the oil for awhile and miss it! Maybe I’ll even try it with the blender.

  12. cookinmom

    Oh my…I just tried this. mmm…I took my leftover latte that I made this morning, heated it up and put my Omish butter and the coconut oil in it and placed it in a MASON jar. From there, I put the blade of my regualar blender in the jar and screwed on the ring. Placed it on my blender and blended it to froth. Oh yes, eureka! My afternoon pick me up. I am no a full cup of coffee drinker and will save my latte to make an afternoon iced coffee so my next thing to do is go for the iced coffee bullet-proof. It’s blended to a froth so why not try!?!??? Will advise when accomplished ! :0) TKS!

    1. dramamamafive Post author

      Let me know how it turns out! I like a glass (or a jar!) of iced coffee in the afternoon and I haven’t tried making it bulletproof . . yet! Please do report back, my coffee future depends on it!

        1. dramamamafive Post author

          Oh, you’re a coy one, cookinmom!! (What is your name??) Don’t worry, I’m working on that post . . . that pie post . . .the practically perfect pie pastry post! It’s coming!

    1. dramamamafive Post author

      I like the Tropical Traditions company, and you’ll see the link where you can get a free book with your first order, in my coconut oil post tomorrow. THanks for reading!

  13. Sandy

    Let’s try this again…do you brew 1 cup of strong coffee and then add it to the listed ingredients in the blender? Because coffee is not listed as an ingredient.

    Great blog btw!

    1. dramamamafive Post author

      Sandy, jeepers, I can’t believe I missed that (and nobody else has even mentioned it!). Thanks for pointing out my omission to me. YES, brew a cup of your favorite coffee, stronger than usual, to use in your bulletproof coffee. Hope you LOVE it!

    1. dramamamafive Post author

      Ebony, since GHEE is the butterFAT and that’s the part that is important to include, it should be fine! Just try to find organic ghee, if you can. Enjoy your coffee!

  14. Paula Young


    Matt & I finally tried bulletproof coffee and love it. We used coconut oil and agave nectar. Mmmm!!!! Thanks for sharing!


  15. Melissa Miller

    I’m trying to eat healthier, more REAL foods, but I can’t let go of my coffee (yet). If I’m still drinking it, might as well get some benefits out of it. I’m definitely going to try this. I just joined the Coconut Oil bandwagon. I’m not too far into it, but so far so good.

    1. dramamamafive Post author

      Melissa, coffee has gotten a bad rap, I think. In large doses it can make you jittery and increase your blood pressure, but in smaller amounts it is loaded with antioxidants and can actually contribute to good health.

  16. elise telesco

    I can’t wait to try this. I have been putting coconut oil in my coffee for some time. I cant wait to add my grass fed butter. I will never forget the look on my husbands face when I gave him a cup of coffee with and oil slick. I must say he looked at me like what are you trying to poison me with?I think he may be watching too many crime shows.

  17. Rachel

    Mmmmmm….. coffee!!! Thanks for the tip about the blender! I’ve tried CO in my coffee before (butter too) but couldn’t really get over the oil slick feeling on the top. πŸ˜‰ Now I shall give it another go!

  18. Chris

    Tried it, loved it. The coconut oil was a bit strong because we aren’t really use to it so we took that down to a 1 tsp instead of 1 Tbs. Might work up to it though. One thing, how many cups do you usually drink in a day?

    1. dramamamafive Post author

      Chris, honestly I just drink one cup in the morning. My stomach rebels on me if I drink much coffee, so one CO-laced cup is all that I dare, much as I love it! The oil and butter do seem to make it easier on my sensitive stomach, though, which is a plus!

  19. Robster2443

    Thanks for the informative post πŸ™‚
    I tried this, and it may not have changed my life, but it has changed my coffee drinking habits! I liked this coffee well enough that I actually bought the official “Bulletproof” coffee and MCT oil from Dave Asprey’s site. It’s good coffee, better than $tarbux.
    Definitely holds you from snacking longer than a regular cup of joe πŸ™‚

    1. dramamamafive Post author

      Robster, I never have bought the “real” stuff from Dave Asprey’s site . . I’m afraid I might get hooked and then would never be satisfied with my (cheaper) old stuff!

  20. Jenny

    I just heard about bulletproof coffee a couple of weeks ago. The version I was introduced to was just coffee and 1T of Kerrygold unsalted (grass fed) butter. I LOVE it, but I am going to get myself some coconut oil and try your version. It sounds even better! πŸ™‚ I love half-n-half in my coffee. Yum.

    p.s. I’m really enjoying your blog! Tell Amalia thanks for the invite to like your Facebook page. πŸ™‚

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  22. Kay ficken

    Love my senseo coffee brewer which makes a frothy cuppa, and love TT coconut oil in it And love local Prairies and Farm half-half in it! Almost bulletproof. When I start making my own butter again, I’ll try the butter in it. Glad you found TT coconut oil too. It’s amazing stuff.

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  25. Ellen Macieiski

    I am going to try this! The only thing I have not previously used is coconut oil. I have been hearing a lot about it. I will have to let you know. Thanks for this!
    Ellen Macieiski

  26. Nathana Clay

    I discovered a variation of this recently, but I want to try your recipe tomorrow! Yum! I do love Tropical Traditions coconut oil. πŸ™‚ I have been wondering (because we often buy flavored coffees), are flavored coffees higher in toxins? Any recommendations for quality (but affordable) coffees?

    1. dramamamafive Post author

      Nathana, you know my boys. We go into coffee in a big way. Here are a couple of posts about it: and also

      We buy our own green coffee beans from Sweet Maria’s and roast our own. It takes a bit of time, and once you start there’s no going back! πŸ™‚

  27. Lucy

    Amy dear, saw this a couple days back… hubby and I just NOW finished up our first cup.

    Final conclusion?

    It truly was (to borrow a phrase) “Good to the last (slurp) drop!”

    Soo tasty in fact that after 41 yrs of wedded bliss, hubby John asked me to marry him all over again!

    …imagine that….!

    Ya’ll call it bulletproof coffee….
    we call it,

    Love inna cup : )


  28. Jerry

    Thanks a million. You got me out of the box: I didn’t have coconut oil and I could not find my EVOO, I used the butter + cream cheese + 1/2 & 1/2.: Best coffee I ever had.

  29. Shawnnee

    I don’t really like the taste of coconut in my coffee. Does refined coconut oil, which has less flavor, give the same benefits of unrefined? I want to try your Bulletproof coffee recipe. Am on low carb diet.

    1. dramamamafive Post author

      Shawnee, I think you’d find the same health benefits if you used the refined coconut oil in your coffee. Try it!

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